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Elske te Lindert (Soprano, Organ)

Born: 1980 - The Netherlands

The Dutch organist and soprano, Elske van Lindert, began organ lessons at the age of 9. After obtaining her high school diploma in 1998, she began in the same year her studies of organ and church music with Gijs van Schoonhoven. In 2002 she finished the studies successfully, after which she studied at the Messiaen Academy (second stage organ) with Gijs van Schoonhoven and Cor Ardesch. In 2004 she finished these studies successfully with a performance of The Great Organ Mass by J.S. Bach.

As an organist Elske te Lindert concentrates especially in the music of J.S. Bach. Especially in view of this musicshe is still occasionallycoached by Cor Ardesch. As a soloist or accompanist she appears regularly at home and abroad. Elske as Cantor affiliated with the Protestantse Kerk te Dinxperlo. She is director of the Cantorij. Verder. She is the director of a female chamber choir and gives them guidance on various project choirs in the region. Currently she has a temporary job as Cantor-Organist at Doetinchem in de Catharinakerk.

Even as a classical singer Elske te Lindert has been active since childhood. During her organ studies she sang regularly solos and followed them with singing lessons at the conservatory. From 2005 to 2009 she studied singing with Guyette Delgorge in Arnhem and then she studied for three years with Maarten Koningsberger in Amsterdam. She has sung many solos in the oratorio field, including several J.S. Bach's cantatas, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, W.A. Mozart's Requiem, Masses by W.A. Mozart, Haydn and Schubert. Besides oratorio she also sings song and opera. As a soprano soloist she is part of the ensemble Il Canto di Rame. She has already worked with several major orchestras, including the Limburgs Symfonie Orkest and the St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra. In 2014 she worked for the first time on a production of the Nederlandse Reisopera.

Three years ago (2010) Elske te Lindert was musical director of the musical The Wave at Op de planken. In this musical she also played the leading role. Two years ago (2012), a new musical was performed for which she contrubuted her own screenplay and script writing. She also translated two musicals from English which she performed with her Jeugdkoor (youth choir). Last year (2012) she played in a professional theater production of the Theater de Plaats. The show Nemo, 20.000 mijl onder zee was commissioned by the international organ festival Connecting Arts. Together with three professional actors she sang Elske and played organ in the story of a family who live an underwater adventure. The piece has been performed in many churches and theaters in the Netherlands.

Elske te Lindert has over eleven years of musical ultimate responsibility of the seminars for liturgy and church music to Hoeven, where she also has overall control over the past three years.

Source: Elske te Lindert Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (June 2015)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2015)

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Jan Willem de Vriend


BWV 244 - Mendelssohn Version 1841

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