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Elaine Lemieux (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: Montreal, Québec, Canada

The Canadian mezzo-soprano and voice teacher, Elaine Lemieux, obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design from Concordia University (1981-1985); her Master of Music degree in Voice from the University of Montreal (1992); and her Post-Master (D.E.S.S.) degree in Music Interpretation in Voice from the University of Montreal (1997). She also studied voice in San Francisco under the direction of Jane Randolph. Her talents have been recognized by grants and bursaries from the Government of Quebec, the magazine Aria, the Banff Center for the Arts.

Elaine Lemieux has more than 30 years of experience in voice study, training, and singing performance. She has acquired experience as a recitalist, cantor, chorister, performer, voice teacher and music facilitator. She also had the opportunity to solo with different chamber music ensembles, choirs, theatrical groups and dance companies. She performed classical, Baroque, sacred and contemporary repertory in Canada, the USA, as well as in Europe.

Elaine Lemieux has participated in many vocal and theatrical programs across Canada such as the Banff Center for the Arts. She has performed in several broadcasts as a soloist on CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). She sang three years for the Opera de Montreal Chorus. She performed two new works by composer Ilya Levinson, Voices of Absence and To Be “Z” de Vie with Momenta Performing Arts Company. She soloed on many occasions at Preston Bradley Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center for the Juliani Ensemble. Since 2001, she has been a section leader for Winnetka Congregational Church and had the privilege of singing in England in the cathedrals of St-Albans, Lichfield, and Salisbury as as soloist. She also presented several recital called "French Musical Journey" at the Alliance Française of Chicago presenting music by 20th century French composers.

Elaine Lemieux has always been inspired by the theatrical and dance improvisation styles created by many performance artists that she had the privilege of working with over the years. In addition, after five years of training in the Musicianship and Leadership Program (MLP) of the Music for People organization, she has now graduated. Music for People was created by cellist David Darling (Grammy Award winner) and flutist Bonny Insull. This program focuses on musical improvisation and self-expression. As a result, she has truly enhanced her leadership and creative musical language and has found her doorway in helping people find their authentic expressive selves. She focuses on voice and channeling self-expression and movement. She brings a new sensitivity to music improvisation founded in an education in formal classical voice. Her training has helped her communicate effectively in the universal language of music.

Elaine Lemieux has worked as French Canadian Voice-Over at LRS Recording, Lip Service, Cross Talk (since 2001). She has been teaching singing for more than 20 years. As a music lover and voice teacher, she feels that her responsibilities are to help young children, teenagers and adults to discover their vocal and singing abilities in a natural and healthy manner. She has been employed as Voice Teacher at Lycée Français de Chicago (since 2010); Self-employed Voice-Teacher, Singing Improvisation Facilitator (since 1991). In 2011, she founded Voix de Vivre in Chicago: from which she works as Voice Teacher and Voice Workshop Facilitator, Performer, French Canadian Voice-Over. In addition, she has been an illustrator for children’s books.


Source: Voix de Vivre Website; National Association of Teachers of Singing Website; Elaine Lemieux profile on LinkedIn
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Aryeh Oron (October 2017)

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