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Nikolay Khondzinsky (Conductor)

Born: May 23, 1985 - Mozcow, Russia

The Russian conductor, Nikolay Pavlovich Khondzinsky (Russian: Николай Павлович Хондзинский) began his musical training at the age of 5 as a violinist. In 2004, he graduated in choral conducting from Gnessin College and entered the Moscow State Conservatory, which he graduated from with honours in opera and symphonic conducting. For several years he attended master-classes given by outstanding musician and recognized expert in orchestral sound Edward Serov, People’s Artist, professor at St.Petersburg Conservatoire. He also studied composition and orchestrating in prof. Yuriy Abdokov’s class, successor of the Russian composers’ school, and later conducted at concerts and performances, sponsored by Yuriy Abdokov’s International Creative Workshop. Khondzinsky Laureate of the Moscow State Award (2014), winner of the Grand Prix "Moscow Camerata" (2010); Laureate of the International Bach Festival from Christmas to Christmas (2009, 2010); Nominated for the Russian National Theater Award "Harlequin" ("Russkaya Opera" Theatre, E. Humperdinck "Hansel und Gretel", 2010); Winner of the Grand Prix and the First Prize of the First and Second Moscow Music Schools Festival "Joseph Haydn and his time" (2009, 2011); Laureate of the Boris Thaikovsky Award (2008), etc.

Nikolay Khondzinsky is the founder, artistic director and conductor of the Russkaya Conservatoria Chamber Capella (The Russian Conservatoire), an ensemble who has already managed to earn a reputation as rediscoverers of unfairly forgotten masterpieces of Russian music of the 20th century, as well as of some European music Baroque memorials which are unknown in Russia. The most significant works of Russkaya Conservatoria Chamber Capella include international and national premieres:

The programmes done by Nikolay Khondzinsky and his ensemble under the Terra Barocco project are performed annually in the best Moscow concert halls (Moscow International House of Music, Moscow Conservatory, etc.) receiving ovations among the audience and getting appreciation among professionals. British reviewer W. Mark Poberts in DSCH Journal, in particular, said a recording done by the Russkaya Conservatoria Chamber Capella headed by Khondzinsky «in the foreseeable future is unlikely to be surpassed for quality». The People’s Artist Karen Khachaturian also gave Khondzinsky quite a flattering description by calling him one of the most outstanding and talented musicians of the new generation and his conducting brilliant. One should also mention a serious interest N. Khondzinsky has to the musical and choreographical theatre. Composer Yuriy Abdokov, Khondzinsky's teacher and professor at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, has for many years been running music courses at the choreography chair headed by Yury Grigorovich at the famous Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Yuri Abdokov is the author of many ballets as well as the author of the work "Musical poetics of choreography". Thanks to the close cooperation between the conductor and his teacher and also many other professors at the main choreography school in Russia, Khondzinsky has had an opportunity to get both excellent training in conducting and unique knowledge in musical ballet drama, history and theory of modern choreography. The conductor has repeatedly been asked by many ballet companies. In 2013, Khondzinsky conducted the Russian ballet performance of «Beauty and the Beast» by Vangelis. In 2014, he became music director of the exclusive project "Arkhitektura Zvuka" (The Sound Architecture) by the theatre "Balet-Moskva". As critics believe, Khondzinky contributes symphonic culture to the performances he conducts at. In September 2014 his was invited to the Universal Ballet Company (Seoul, Republic of Korea) for production the premiere of The Love of Chunhyang, based on P.I. Thaikovsky's music.

Since 2014 Nikolay Khondzinsky has been a guest conductor at the The Universal Ballet Company (Seoul, South Korea). He has collaborated with Volgograd Academic Symphony Orchestra, State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Russian Federation, Ryazan Musical Theatre (Chief conductor 2011-2012), Yekaterinburg chamber choir "Domestik", Archangelsk State Chamber Orchestra, Ballet Theatre The Kremlin Ballet, Theatre the Russian Opera,[16] Theatre "Balet-Moskva", etc.

Nikolay Khondzinsky has edited and performed for the first time a number of compositions by Jan Dismas Zelenka, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Georg Pisendel, etc.

Source: Wikipedia Website (December 2014)
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