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Phyllida Hancock (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: 1962 - Hammersmith, London, England

The English mezzo-soprano, actress and workshop designer and facilitator, Phyllyda Hancock, obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French literature from the University of Cambridge, where she was also Choral scholar (1981-1984).

Phyllyda Hancock has worked as actress and singer with various companies for 12 years (1986-1998), including 2 years with the Royal Shakespeare Company and in various productions in the West End and around the country. She also taught a course on ‘Women in Shakespeare’ at Washington University in St Louis and participated in workshops and lectures on Shakespeare for several British universities. As an actress, she is known for Berkeley Square (1998), Soldier Soldier (1991) and Casualty (1986). She was a member of the Cambridge Singers (Director: John Rutter) from 1987 to 1994 (maybe later).

Phyllyda Hancock now uses theatre and creative arts techniques, including forum theatre and music workshops, to develop personal leadership skills and to encourage innovation. In 1998, she began working in the UK public sector, designing and delivering workshops; this included 18 months during which she ran race awareness and diversity courses across the Criminal Justice System. She then moved to the Department of Trade and Industry as a consultant in their futurefocus@dti facility and has been working with what is now BIS and its customers on scenario planning, performance management, business planning and project working since 2000. This led to further involvement with the ‘learning the habit of innovation’ programme and subsequent involvement with the i-lab project working in universities across East Anglia. She also collaborated with the DfES to build a set of scenarios for the future of education and life-long learning that were used for several years to test policy ideas across Government.

Phyllyda Hancock has worked as Associate at AKT in London (1998-2001); Facilitator and process designer at Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (1999-2010); Facilitator on the Aurora programme at Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (since September 2014); Associate at Ranmore Consulting (since September 2011); Associate at Mary-Louise Clark Associates (since January 2006).

Since 2003 Phyllyda Hancock has been an associate of Olivier Mythodrama, leading Mythodrama programmes for organisations across the private and public sectors. She is now an associate of Contender Charlie, delivering workshops on inspirational leadership and change management. Her main clients for this work include Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Metropolitan Police, Oxford Said Business School (as part of their Executive Education department) as well as several individual universities and private sector clients. She also works as an associate with other consultancies, working particularly in innovation and leadership in higher education institutions.

Since January 2015, Phyllyda Hancock is Teaching Associate at Warwick Business School, working with WBS Creat. At Saïd Business School, she has participated in the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, the Small Countries Financial Management Programme and the Entrepreneurial University Leadership Programme. She has also participated on a number of custom programmes, including for Standard Chartered Bank, State Farm, BG, BAE Systems and Meggitt. She has also presented at London Business School, Cass Business School and INSEAD as well as for the Leadership Foundation.


Source: Phyllida Hancock profiles on LinkedIn & Facebook; Saïd Business School Website; Contender Charlie Website
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Aryeh Oron (February 2017)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




John Rutter


Member of Cambridge Singers:
V-1 (1993):
BWV 225
V-2 (1987): Chorale

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