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David Gómez Ramírez (Conductor)

Born: July 20, 1977 - Seville, Spain

The Spanish conducotr and composer, David Gómez Ramírez, began his way in the world of music at a very early age with the help of his father, the director also of Bartolomé Gómez Meliá. He studied trumpet, piano, musicology, composition, choral conducting orchestral conducting in the Conservatorios Superiores of Seville and Valencia, later perfecting his training in France. He has been director of several ensembles in Seville, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Comunidad Valenciana. He has obtained several First Prizes and Distinctions in both the composition and the musical direction areas. For more than 10 years he has lived in the city of Valencia, where he is the titular director of the Orquesta Sinfónica y Coro de la Sociedad Musical Lira Saguntina (Sagunto).

At age 17 David Gómez Ramírez made his first concert conducting some of his compositions, and since then he has shown interest and progress in the world of conducting and composition, which has led him to follow the methodology of great teachers He studied with several Professors such as García Asensio, George Pehlivanian, Manuel Galduf, Pedro Morales, Ferrer Ferrán, Andrés Valero, Rafael Sánchez Mombiedro, Roberto Forés, Adam Ferrero, Rafael Talens ... He made his debut with the symphony orchestra conducting the Russian Youth Virtuosos Orchestra of the Tckaikovsky State Conservatory of Moscow, interpreting works of Turina and Chapí. He has conducted in great part of the Spanish geography; Also in Italy, France, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Cuba, Vietnam ...

Like many conductors of his generation, David Gómez Ramírez' first contact with the baton came from the hand of Enrique García Asensio, with whom he worked the technique inherited from the Romanian master Sergiu Celibidache. Later he was assistant director of Enrique García Asensio in the musical direction course organized on the occasion of the 1st Centenary of the Sociedad Musical Lira Saguntina (Lira Saguntina Musical Society) in the summer of 2009. From 2011 to 2014 he regularly moves to France to perform the prestigious master's degree in orchestral conducting given by the conductor George Pehlivanian in The TIMM (Touquet International Master Music).

As a composer, David Gómez Ramírez has a wide catalog of compositions and instrumentations (more than 70) ranging from chamber music and solo instruments, to great orchestral formations and chorales. He is a member of the SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores de España), IEA (Artistas, Intérpretes y Ejecutantes) and of COSICOVA (Asociación de Compositores Sinfónicos de la Comunidad Valenciana) to which board he has belonged as secretary. As conductor he has performed first auditions and premieres of more than 20 works of different national and international composers. He has made numerous recordings for different record companies (Pasarela, Melody Records, Alzur Producciones, among others) as well as for radio and television (RNE, Canal Sur, Canal 9, Popular TV, Sagunt TV, Las Provincias ...),

David Gómez Ramírez' relationship with some interpreters is not only reduced to the professional level, but also creates with them a personal connection and a respectful artistic collaboration that enrich even more the concert experience, thanks to the exchange of ideas and musical experiences. The Valencian trumpeter and specialist in corno da caccia Germán Asensi; the Cuban harpist Mirtha Batista; the pianists Hilario Segovia and Omar Vilata; the violinists Raúl Arias, Marta Bazantová, Nguyen Trong Binh and the Japanese Anna Sowanna-Takeda; the cellists Livia Cerdá and Juan Antonio Ros; or the Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Hang, to name just a few, are soloists with whom he has collaborated.

Awards And Distinctions: In 2001 he received the "Primer Premio a la Música" awarded by the Excmo. Ateneo Popular de Sevilla "recognition to his musical and artistic work". In 2005 it rises with the Primer Premio at the V Concurso de Composición de la Excma. Diputación de Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana) and In 2007 also obtained the Primer Galardón at the Concurso de Composición la Diputación de Córdoba (Andalucía). In 2010 he received the Premio "Giraldillo de Oro", the highest distinction awarded by the "Curso de Temas Sevillanos". Ateneo de Sevilla (institution recognized by UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture of Spain) from the hands of its director D. Antonio Bustos. He is required to provide music composition seminars, conferences andand courdes of orchestral conducting: Zafra (Badajoz), Llutxent, Ollería, Sagunto (Valencia), Cuenca, Cabra (Córdoba), Brihuega (Guadalajara) and Caltanissetta (Sicily, Italy) Ha formado parte en multitud de jurados y tribunales en concursos de composición, canto y oposiciones. He has been a member of a large number of jurors and courts in composition contests. He has been a member of a large number of jurors and courts in composition and singing competitions.

David Gómez Ramírez has been titular director of diverse formations in Seville, Comunidad Valenciana and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From 2006 to 2011 he was director of the Banda Sinfónica de la Sociedad Musical de Segorbe, with which he obtained a First Prize in the Certamen Provincial de Castellón in 2009. Since September 2007, he is conductor of Sociedad Musical Lira Saguntina. As a guest conductor he has directed numerous prestigious formations, among which the JONDE (Orquesta Nacional de España), Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra (Vietnam), HCMC Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Academy Ljubljana (Slovenia), Russian Youth Virtuosos Orchestra of the Tckaikovsky State Conservatory of Moscow, Orchestra of Coutances (France), Orchestra "Salvatore Albiccocco" Di Caltanissetta, Sicily (Italy), National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, invited to the closing concert of the XXIII International Festival "La huella de España"held in Havana in 2011.

Talking about a specific repertoire is difficult in David Gómez Ramírez, since his musical literature covers the most varied styles and eras. He feels a special preference for the great forms of romanticism, and finds very enriching the camerísticas experiences as well as the concert pieces. He always tries to find a niche for Spanish and 20th and 21st century music in his programs. Between the directed composers we find Ravel, Sibelius, Dvorak, Johannes Brahms, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Dmitri Shostakovich, Ligeti ... Like the Spaniards Falla, Turina, Rodrigo or Castillo. Not forgetting those who consider fundamental as J.S. Bach, Haydn, W.A. Mozart or L.v. Beethoven. In the last year (2013) he devoted part of his time to an interesting research work on the life and work of the Czech composer Jaromir Bazant, of whom he is making the first interpretations inside and outside Spain, as well as historical recoveries and the cataloging of his music.

Source: David Gómez Ramírez Website (October 2014) & Facebook profile, English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2017)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2017)

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