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Véronique Gobet (Piano)

Born: 1967 - Travers, Switzerland

The Swiss pianis and music teacher, Véronique Gobet, grew up in a family where Arts are very important: her parents sing, her father Jean-François Pellaton, is a painter. She studied at Gymnase cantonal de Neuchâtel, Switzerland. After her graduation, she majored in mainly piano along with studying orchestration and conducting at the Conservatoire de Musique de Neuchâtel (diploma with mention “very good and jury's congratulations”). Later she continued her education at the Hochschule der Musik-Akademie Basel, in the class of Rolf Mäser, where she got a concert diploma. She also benefited the teaching of the following pianist Miguel Anguel Estrella, Aberto Neuman, Elisabeth Sombart, Brian Ganz

Véronique Gobet mostly performs as a soloist, but sometimes engages in chamber music as well. She had played sometimes at unusual places, for instance in Arolla, a village nearby the glaciers and in the monastery of Einsiedeln (Switzerland). For her solo performances, she likes to establish thematic programs. She enjoys mixing in her concerts music and commentaries about the pieces she interprets.

Her repertoire goes from the J.S. Bach to contemporary composers. Her favorite musicians are C. Debussy, S. Prokofiev and Frédéric Chopin. In 2003, she has recorded all of the 24 Etudes of the great polish composer. In 2005 a new CD came out with the Story of Babar, the little elephant, which mixes the texts of J. de Brunhoff and the music of Francis Poulenc. The work is especially designed for children.

Véronique Gobet enjoys teaching the piano and Music theory as well. She has been professor for twenty years at the conservatory of Neuchâtel and professor of didactic at the conservatory of Geneva (Switzerland). She is interested in jazz music and improvisation as well, played as a piano bar pianist, accompanied dance schools. Véronique is the author of several arrangements for chorus, she also has experience in conducting and playing with choirs. She is married (1995) and is mother of three children. She currenmtly lives in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Source: Véronique Gobet Website & Facebook profile
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Aryeh Oron (December 2016)

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