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Il Festino (Baroque Ensemble)

Founded: London, England

The name Il Festino (a small party) refers to the madrigal comedy II festino nella sera del giovedì grasso avanti cena by Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634). In this piece the composer brought a new and different language to music performances. Using his progressive philosophies of literature and art, Banchieri also brought the “commedia del arte” into his music creating a complete different experience for the audience. Inspired by Banchieri’s philosophy, Il Festino has been created to bring a unique perspective to the interpretation of music from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque periods and beyond!

The Ensemble has great passion and interest for interpreting the music of established Baroque figures as well as exploring less well-known Spanish and Latin American Baroque composers. It aims to engage the audiences thought the creation of innovative and exciting repertoires. They also enjoy bringing a approach to the performance of modern music, which makes their performances even more attractive and inviting to all types of audiences.

Their programmes are sometimes thematic, at other times strongly conceptual or experimental, always showing a deep sense of inspiration. They bring the cultural heritage to life in a unique fashion: departing from a deep respect for the past that manifests itself in musicological research, the use of authentic instruments and historical singing, playing and improvisation techniques, but also adding their own creative elements. Il Festino is synonymous, above all, with energy, great team spirit and enthusiasm in bringing together extreme inspiring and entertaining performances. It consists of a strong group of musicians who have gained their reputation in the Early Music, Classical and Jazz Scenario.

Its contrasting yet complementary personalities and cultural backgrounds combined with their outstanding talent make this group very appealing and interesting. Open to every form of art, Il Festino aims to bring the roots of the Commedia del arte to its performances by incorporating dance, acting, humour and poetry to their concerts, always looking for unrivalled music interpretation.

Members of Il Festino (2015):

Previous Collaborations:

Gabriella Di Laccio (Soprano)
Layil Barr (Viol & Recorder)
James Akers (Theorbo & Baroque Guitar)
Andres Ticino (Percussion)
Victor Alarcon (Acoustic Guitar)

Claire Williams (Harpsichord )
Alison Kinder (Viol)
Ilana Cravitz (Baroque Violin)
Daniela Braun (Baroque Viola)
Richard MacKenzie (Theorbo & Baroque Guitar)
Eva Caballero (Transverse Flute)
Jan Zahourek (Violone)
Christian Benvenuti (Percussion)

Source: Il Festino Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2015)

Il Festino Baroque Ensemble: Short History | Recordings of Vocal Works

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