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Deutsch-Finnische Chor (Choir)

Founded: 1970 - Helsinki, Finland

The Deutsch-Finnische Chor (German-Finnish Choir; = DFC) in Helsinki was founded in 1970 and has currently about 40 singers. Choir-master since 2000 Riitta Laine.

The Deutsch-Finnische Chor was founded with the intention to make the German language and culture through music known in Finland and, as it later returned to travel, also Finnish language and culture in Germany and in the Baltic region. As before, the use of German in the rehearsals is important. This makes the chorus to a peculiarity in Finland.

The choir works in co-operation with the Deutschen Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinde Finnlands (German Evangelical Lutheran Community of Finland). DFC gives several concerts a year at the Deutschen Kirche in Helsinki and meets monthly on the services of the Community. DFC sings at other locations in Finland and undertakes concert tours in Germany and in other European countries. Native German, who live permanently or temporarily in the greater Helsinki, make up about one third of the members. The Choir is bilingual and the rehearsals s are held in both languages.

The Choir's repertoire is as expected primarily from German music, mainly church music, including cantatas, masses, oratorios, motets, madrigals. But even secular music of the Renaissance or modern times, and further the works of Finnish and Estonian composers of the past and of the present century.

The choir has given a total of 187 appearances until autumn 2012. For this, the singing comes in worship, retirement homes, hospitals, community-based festivals, funerals. From that: 25 appearances at other locations in Greater Helsinki and 27 in 10 other cities of Finland; 39 performances abroad: Germany (21), Sweden (6), Russia (4) Estonia (2) Lithuania (2), Latvia (1); 5 appearances on television and radio: Community service at the Felsenkirche in Helsinki, YLE Radio, ZDF (Second German Television), MTV "Kuule, sinua rakastetaan", WDR (West German Broadcasting).

Choir Director

Kurt Manschke (1970-1974)
Erkki Pullinen (1974-1980)
Jarmo Kokkonen (1980-1981)
Seppo Murto (1981-1982)
Ahti Kuorikoski (1982-1985)
Liisa Malkamäki (1986 - 2000)
Ari Häyrinen (1991-1994)
Riitta Laine (1996-1998; Representative))
Riitta Laine (2000-Present)


Source: Deutsch-Finnische Chor Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (April 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2016)

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