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Daniel Chorzempa (Organ, Harpsichord, Clavichord)

Born: December 7, 1944 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

The American organist, harpsichordist, pianist and composer, Daniel (Walter) Chorzempa, began piano studies at the age of four, violin at seven, organ at twelve, followed by harpsichord and fortepiano as well. At the age of seventeen he became instructor of music at the University of Minnesota (USA), where he also studied architecture (1955-1965). He subsequently took diplomas in conducting, piano and composition as a member of the Studio for Electronic Music of the Staatliche Musikhochschule of Cologne. He then returned Minnesota to complete his Ph.D. in Musicology and Renaissance studies in 1971, with a dissertation on Rebuke).

Daniel Chorzempa began his career as a pianist, first in Hamburg and Cologne in 1968, then in Oxford and London in 1970 and 1971; however, it was his debut as an organist in London in 1969 that gained him critical acclaim. His fluent, pianistic technique has allowed him to tackle some of the more virtuosic organ works, particularly those of Liszt and Reubke. It is also his background as a pianist that has led him to make a point of playing from memory, which is rare among organists, and at one time caused something of a sensation at his recitals.He has assisted at opera productions primarily in Germany and for the Salzburg Festival and began his operatic conducting career for the Wiesbaden Festival. His performances as keyboard soloist on all five keyboard instruments (piano, clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano and organ) as well as his conducting engagements have been acclaimed internationally. His recordings, in addition to the great 19th century virtuoso works, also encompass many of the traditional works by Bach, and have been awarded international prizes..

Since 1970, Daniel Chorzempa has been a member of the Studio für Elektronische Musik in Cologne, where he remains active as a composer of electronic music. His compositions have been performed throughout Europe and several have been the subjects of studies in books and journals. He occasionally holds seminars on topics which range from the Middle Ages to contemporary music and his architectural activities continue. For his organ playing he was awarded the Bach Prize of Leipzig. He has recently been re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Neue Bach Gesellschaft, Leipzig (New Bach Society).

Source: Daniel Chorzempa Website; All Music Guide Website (Author: Steven Coburn); Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians (1997)
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