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Meng-Heng Chen (Recorder)

Born: September 4, ____ - Taichung, Taiwan

The Taiwanese recorder player and music director, Meng-Heng Chen, earned her Master’s Degree in performing arts from Longy School of Music in Boston, major in recorder performance. During the time, she won the competition in solo performance category at Longy School of Music.

Meng-Heng Chen'’s performing skill is exquisite and proficient, just as well as her teaching skills and passions. She is methodical, inspirational, and she teaches with tireless zeal. Chen excels at being a musical educator and recorder performer. Since her return to Taiwan in 2000 after she earned her Master’s Degree, she was appointed an instructor in the Music Faculty at the University of Tong Hai, and during this period of time she held numerous solo concerts, released several CD albums, written a complete and systematic curriculum as teaching material for recorder education, and formed her ensemble “Meng-Heng Chen Recorder Ensemble”. She tirelessly promoted the teaching and performance of recorder through various forms of musical conferences and meetings, putting her effort into the upbringing of potential musicians, especially recorder players. Her active involvement in the professional music industry has had a direct and positive impact on the level of professional and technical performing technique in Taiwan. In recent years, several students of hers have further pursued their recorder performance education overseas in the USA and Europe.

Meng-Heng Chen's contribution to musical education is not limited to advanced level recorder performance. She dedicated part of her time as instructor to several recorder ensembles for teachers, and has been invited as judge to competitions of all levels.

Besides her busy schedule as an educator, Meng-Heng Chen is patriotic in terms of promoting Taiwan and the achievements of Taiwanese recorder performance to the rest of the world. In 2007, she lead a team of 12 recorder performers and visited the Longy Music School Historic Musical Fest, where she gave a full performance concert and joint historic musical performance concert series. And in 2005, together with 3 other recorder performers, Chen formed the “Meng-Heng Chen Recorder Ensembles”. In the same year, she leaded her ensemble to winning the gold medal at the “Japan International Recorder Competition”

In 2006, backed by her rich and successful teaching experience and outstanding performing skill, Meng-Heng Chen was admitted by Boston University as a doctoral degree candidate in historical performance with full scholarship. Her supervisor, Aldo Abreu, a world renowned recorder performer, is also the winner of Concert Artists Guild Competition in 1992. During her study at Boston University, Chen fully grasped the opportunity and learned from other world renowned recorder performers – Dan Laurin, Paul Leenhouts, Pete Rose, Bart Spanhove, Marion Verbruggen, Han Tol, Matthias Maute. Her outstanding performing skills and musical sense have earned praise from her instructor and master recorder performers alike.

During her stay in Boston as a doctoral candidate, Meng-Heng Chen was the first ranking recorder performer for the Boston University Baroque Orchestra, performing in numerous operas, chamber music, and symphony orchestras. In 2008, she took the solo part in the concerto music performance with the orchestra as the chief recorder performer. In 2010, she graduated and earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University with distinction, and was awarded with “Student Presentation Honor Award” by the Boston University.

Currently, Meng-Heng Chen continues her career as the lead performer for her ensemble, and as instructor to Nan-to Teachers Recorder Ensemble, Tai-nan Technical University Department of Music, and Da-Yeh University. She currently lives in Chupei, Taiwan.

Source: Meng-Heng Chen Recorder Ensemble Website; Meng-Heng Chen profile on Facebook
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2016)

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