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Andrew Busher (Tenor)

Born: England

The English tenor, Andrew Busher, started singing professionally as a Quirister for Winchester College. After attending Haileybury on a music scholarship, he went to Trinity College of Music where he won a number of awards.

In 1985, Andrew Busher joined the Swingle Singers (Director: Ward Swingle) with whom he toured the world, singing with orchestras including the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra, as well as recording a number of CD's. He was a member of the group until 1993.

Since then, Andrew Busher's love of choral singing has led him to perform with most of the leading ensembles in the UK; The Sixteen (Director: Harry Christophers), London Voices, Synergy, BBC Singers, Tenebrae (Director: Nigel Short) and Monteverdi Choir (Director: John Eliot Gardiner). He sang as the tenor soloist on the Monteverdi Choirís 2003 and 2004 European and Far East tours, performing the works of Haydn, J.S. Bach and Purcell.

Andrew Busher is also a featured soloist in the recently released album on Classic FM, Blue in Blue by Patrick Hawes and can be seen performing as a night club singer in the movie Being Julia. Most recently, he has toured the Highlands with the Dunedin Consort (Director: John Butt), premiered You Are by Steve Reich in Frankfurt with Synergy and the Ensemble Modern and recorded Candide for Radio Three as a soloist at the Royal Festival Hall.

Recent engagements include a recital with the Quiristers on March 19, 2006 in St Peterís Church, Bishopís Waltham, performances of Götterdämmerung, Cyrano and Tosca at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and another Steve Reich premiere, his piece Daniel Variations in NewYork at the Carnegie Hall.


Source: Winchester Music Club Website (March 18, 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2014, November 2015)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




John Eliot Gardiner


Member of Monteverdi Choir:
BCP Vol. 1: CD-1:
BWV 167, BWV 7, BWV 30
BCP Vol. 6: CD-1:
BWV 69a, BWV 137; CD-2: BWV 77, BWV 164, BWV 33
BCP Vol. 7: CD-1:
BWV 25, BWV 78, BWV 17
BCP Vol. 8: CD-2:
BWV 161, BWV 27, BWV 8, BWV 95
BCP Vol. 12: CD-2:
BWV 139, BWV 163, BWV 52, BWV 140
BCP Vol. 25: CD-2:
BWV 44, BWV 150, BWV 183, J.C. Bach: Fürchte dich nicht
BCP Trinity II:
BWV 113, BWV 179
BCP Vol. 28 (2012):
BWV 43 [2nd], BWV 37 [2nd], BWV 128 [2nd], BWV 11 [2nd]
V-9 (2011):
BWV 225-230, BWV Anh 159
F-1 (2013):
BWV 106 [2nd], BWV 249 [1st]
V-13 (2013):
BWV 232 [2nd recording]

Ward Swingle


Member of Swingle Singers:
C-3 (1991): Selections arranged for a capella choir from:
BWV 60, BWV 80, BWV 140, BWV 208, BWV 232, BWV 244, BWV 368, BWV 373, BWV 508

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