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Ensemble Alia Mens (Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: France

Ensemble Alia Mens sonsisdts of singers and instrumentalists practicing instruments of the Baroque under the direction of Olivier Spilmont.

The Ensemble has been heard in several national festivals and stages: Bozar in Brussels, Embaroquement immédiat, Festival de la Chabotterie, Festival du Mont-Blanc, Midsummer Festival, Bateau feu-Dunkerque, Teatro de Vicenza, Phénix-Valenciennes, Théâtre d'Arras, Festival ''Musique et Mémoire'' ...

Since 2012, Ensemble Alia Mens devotes most of his work to the work of J.S. Bach and especially the cantatas created in Weimar and a programme devoted to concertos for several harpsichords with Pierre Hantaï, Maude Gratton and Olivier Spilmont.

The first disc of the Ensemble dedicated to Weimar cantatas is planned for released in 2016. The Ensemble will be in residence for 3 years at the Festival ''Musique et Mémoire'' from 2016.

Members of Ensemble Alia Mens:





Annie Dufresne
Jenny Högström
Eugénie Lefebvre

Pascal Bertin
Daniel Cabena
Julien Freymuth

Thomas Hobbs
Reinoud Van Mechelen
Denis Mignien

Virgile Ancely
Geoffroy Buffière
Victor Sicard
David Witczak


Violins: Louis Creac'h, Stéphan Dudermel, Sophie Gent, Aira Maria Lehtipuu, Stéphanie Paulet, Tuomo Suni, Ryo Terakado, Jérôme Van Waerbeke
Violas: Louis Creac'h, Stéphan Dudermel, Simon Heyerick, Stéphanie Paulet, Tuomo Suni, Jérôme Van Waerbeke
Violas da gamba: Lucile Boulanger, François Joubert-Caillet, Aira Maria Lehtipuu, Julien Léonard, Andréas Linos, Sarah van Oudenhove
Violoncello: Jérôme Vidaller
Violones: James Munro, Jérôme Vidaller
Double-bass: Christian Staude
Recorders: Evolène Kiener, Inga Maria Klaucke, Julien Martin, Marine Sablonnière, Dominique Vasseur
Flutes: Dominique Vasseur
Oboe: Laura Duthuillé
Bassoons: Evolène Kiener, Inga Maria Klaucke
Organ: Eulalie Poinsignon
Harpsichord: Maude Gratton, Pierre Hantaï, Eulalie Poinsignon. Olivier Spilmont


Source: Ensemble Alia Mens Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2016, June 2017)

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